Alaydianity: the Deificaiton of Wisdom
About Alaydianity

“Alaydianity” is the name of the Alaydian Religion, whose devout are “Alaydians”, from the greek aleithia, meaning ‘pure truth’ and dieos, or ‘god’, together meaning, roughly, the deification of wisdom.
The Alaydians take for their symbol the Apeirion, the’ infinity sign’.

Prominent Features of Alaydianity Include:

  • Emphasizes Logic, Reason, Empiricism and General Knowledge.
  • Free. No Donations, Tithes, Dues or Sacrifices.
  • Worship Anywhere. No particular churches, temples, religious buildings or other holy sites.
  • Worship God directly. No Priests, Leaders or Clergy.
  • Worship in your own way. No Necessary Rights or Services;
  • Find Your Own Moral Code.  Develop it yourself as you get to know God.
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