Alaydianity: the Deificaiton of Wisdom
Our Liturgy

The Alaydian Liturgy

The Confession of Emancipation:

 I am Free from blind faith and all belief in unprovables.

The Confession of Enlightenment:

 I confess that truth is God and only provables can be true.

The Five Great Vows

I will avoid anthropomorphizing God, however strong the urge, however easy and convenient the act.

I will pursue the attainment of truth ceaselessly until death, however fatigued or unable I become.

I will reject belief in unprovables everywhere and will subject all mysteries to Logic and Reason.

I will pursue God by my own reasonings and not be influenced by habit, custom or spectacle.

I vow to emancipate and enlighten those around me always, and by logic and reason bring them to embrace these vows.

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