Alaydianity: the Deificaiton of Wisdom
An Enlightenment Story

Truth is God.  The greatest revelation.  You want freedom from pain and suffering.  There is none but by devotion to Truth, to God.  Turn away from God for even a moment in your life and you may miss the very knowledge that would have alleviated your anguish.  You desire certainty and closure regarding death.  Neglect God and you will have none, fail to spend a lifetime courting knowledge of God and all you will find is darkness, un-knowing, un-certainty, un-closure.  You cannot believe in a Sunset without understanding a Sunset.  Put no meaning upon comets without understanding comets.  They will never fail to give you chances, again and again.  If something strikes you as right, inquire why.  If wrong, search out the proof.  Rest not until certainty is yours and you will have taken a step towards God.  Salvation in all matters rests upon your tireless dedication to God.
You desire to see the wicked punished.  Failure to achieve wisdom is the only real punishment, thus is God realized.  The rest is for the political government.  You want someone or something to give up to, to depend on, surrender to, to follow blindly for Salvation.  But the only way is to reliance upon God, upon your own pursuit of truth, upon your own efforts to know truth, all other surrender is not only unholy, but destined for disappointment.  The demons you fight rest deep within yourself.  Flight is failure, and surrender to anyone but God is doom.  Only the pursuit of truth within yourself and the world and Cosmos will save you.
You seek answers.  You senses are part of the answer but not the answer.  Your emotions are part of the answer but not the answer.  The divinity of the Sailboat is in its heel and speed and geometry, not the thrill of its gale or the gut-spilling pitch.  They are symptoms.  They could lead you to its truth, but likely they will lead you away, impersonating the Godlike.
You desire a moral compass, but that is attainable only by your own effort, not recourse to any dogma, or ideology, even this.  Only God can provide this, and knowing God requires that you reject dogmas and ideologies.  It is not so easy as signing up to a creed.  No, it is hard.  God is hard and only by long and hard effort can you find God’s way, true morality.
How many times have you resorted to myths, fantasies and lies to solve your problems and placate your fears, alleviate your boredom or slake the thirst of your curiosities?  All steps away from God, all opportunities for true happiness lost, all a squandering of chances for improving yourself and the world, all selfishness, all belief in unprovables, all sin.
Each step towards God gives its own reward, each step away carries its own natural penalty.  To perpetuate an unprovable is to spread sin far and wide, to relay a myth as true is the work of a devil and begins the spread of Hell.  Soon will follow all the evils of Hell, from which only God can save you, but Truth will be farther from you then, and the path to God twice as far.
The real goblins and devils and demons are those who spread belief without proof, dealers of falsity, defenders of evil, damnators of all living things.  Give into them and Hell will supervene.
Simulation for the purpose of seeking proximity to truth is no sin, but as an escape there from it wrecks of evil.  Escapism is the way of sinners, a path away from God and towards condemnation and suffering.
With accuracy, maps approach the divine.
There is but one holy time, holy day, holy season.  It is the moment from your emancipation through enlightenment.  It is unique to each and sacred.  Cherish the emancipation and the enlightenment as the true birthdays.  To refrain from work and effort towards God on any day is a travesty.  To require such a day and call it holy is a sin.
Like all religions, this will be abused by various of those around you.  Only your personal efforts to know God can save you from that.
Ghost are not provables.  Belief in them is a sin.  Teaching of them is evil.  Afterlives are unprovables and should not be relied upon.  A false priest offers no proof, a false prophet, no provable evidence.
Metaphors are fine and inevitable.  But consciousness is not an attribute of God.  Truth itself is not self-conscious.  Self awareness and consciousness are anthropomorphisms.  Imparting them to God is sin.  The Scripture and its teachings likewise posses no self-consciousness and cannot be deified, nor can any Synthesist be deified.  Anthropomorphisms are pride run wild, the ugliest extreme of pride, and hence a sin.
It may be better to be compassionate, merciful, loving.  But these are neither a part of scripture or attributes of God.  They are derivatives of true in certain circumstances, but they cannot be God as they are anthropomorphized traits.  Imparting them to God is sin.  It is a technique of the lazy, those too lazy to seek the truth of anything beyond their own form of existence.
All suffering proceeds from an unfamiliarity with God.  Suffering is not intrinsic to life or the world.  It persists only owing to ignorance, failure to pursue wisdom, attain knowledge, and seek God.  The case of suffering is not the thirst of the physical body per-se, or the illusions of worldly passion, but rather lack of understanding, failure to intellect, unfamiliarity with Truth, with God.
Endurance is a Key to Knowing God.  It is a prerequisite of the right life.  Maintaining a state of poverty or wealth has little to do with knowing God, but moderate wealth is conducive far more than are the extremes.
Failure to spread the Scripture and teach its gospel is to participate in the greatest conspiracy of sin possible, next to worship of unprovables.
Self-love and Self approval are the center between sickly extremes, being self adoration on the one side and self-hatred on the other.  Stay on the fulcrum, for either extreme leads away from God, each departure from the point of balance impairs the ability to attain truth and know God.
Prayer is an imprecation to the self, to the best and noblest part of the self, not to God, hence prayers can answer and be answered, and can have real power.  Other prayer is sinful, based upon only faith and grounded in anthropomorphisms and unprovables.  Prayer to self is recourse to the most provable, the most knowable, the self, which is self provable by doubt alone.
Because Truth is God, God can be worshipped only indirectly, by the acts of studying, learning, thinking and gaining understand of all things, and not by any direct worship, rites, procedures or ceremonies.  God’s glory is obvious.  Taking time to proclaim it wastes time better used to come closer to God by learning Ritualistic celebration, proclamation and direct worship are sinful as they in fact lead away from God by lessening the time for learning and studying, testing by application those hypotheses thought to possible be True.  A few Religious lessons suffice yearly.
God is plural and singular or may be viewed either way, as Truth and the Truths are identical both. A Goddess can’t be.  Imputing gender to GOD is a sinful anthropomorphization.
A virgin birth is particularly horrific, a gross perversion of nature and presumptively with divine.
Accurate knowledge of   and offed brings me closer to God.
Blessings usually involve the sin of praying “to” God, which is an anthropomorphization.  All holy and right prayer is actually an imprecation to one’s self.
All other religions are easier than this, the true Religion, This is the most exacting, the most disciplines, it is easier to believe in Myth, song, ritual and habit than discover Truth by dint of one’s own study.
It is easy to resign to power and tradition, easy to allow emotion to Guide one, easy to heed spectacles and easy to take comfort spiritually in nostalgic ceremonies.  Only Truth is hard.  GOD is the simplest reality but the hardest to devote to, to heed, to follow.  Truth is the hardest discipline of all.
Repetition which aids memory is not unholy, but that which aids dogma is sinful. 
Truth is GOD, which does not mean the Cosmos is God or that all things are GOD.  Truth is the principles and relationships which obtain among all things.

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