Alaydianity: the Deificaiton of Wisdom
                     truth is god

                                            The Alaydian Scripture:

Truth is God.
Only provables can be true. 

The testable is more Godlike, the demonstrable even more so. 
The calculable tastes of God.  Increment is Divine, both physical and immaterial. All who find symmetry have begun to find God.  All who note proportion have found the paving stones of the road to God.  Precision and exactness are the lattice work of Heaven.

Truth is God. God has no selective form or shape and is like no animal or phenomenon, but is extensive with Truth in all forms and manner of being; hence no person could be God, and God could be no individual.  Anthropomorphizing God is a Sin.  No person is a divinity, and divinity is no person.

Belief without proof is Sin. Opinion without Knowledge is Sin. Communications in disregard of their truth or falsity are Sin.  Teachers of belief without proof are the Devil. Proof or Belief by Spectacle is unholy, if by pleasure or pain, sin. Lies are sin. Sinners must be exposed to God, exposed to Truth, never harmed. 

Doubting is Holy. Debate is holy. Doubting this Gospel is a step towards God, this God.  If this is not true, it was not God. 

There are two miracles only:  Consciousness and Logic, the existence of logical comprehensibility within one’s own mind.

There are no proper ecclesiastical structures or offices, buildings, people or places.There are no proper epics, rituals, songs or sacred times, or festivals, idols or icons. There is no intrinsically proper or formal training, school or imprimatur for Knowing and worshipping GOD. Holiness is not intrinsic to class, family, birth, caste, race, gender or nationality. Genders and sexuality are irrelevant with respect to God.  Males and females are equal in respect of their abilities to achieve and know God.

There is no such thing as a divine sacrifice;  No sacrifice is ever involved in truly worshipping God.  The only offering proper is time given to study of all things. The restriction of information is diabolical sin. All holy prayer is an imprecation to one’s self.

Spells and charms involve the sin of belief without proof, or as generally termed, superstition.  Superstition is sin.  Faith is sin, except faith in reason and logic.

Communicated expression is the only path to God. God is unknown to each at first, and can be known only through one’s logical inner journey and outward logical persuasion.The greatest good is the life spent finding this God and bringing this God to others.  Oneself and others only are saved by knowledge of God, this God- There is no God but this God, and pain, suffering and evil await all who fail to find and accept this God, the only God.

Hell is not another place but can be all around us.  But Heaven can surround us, too. 

Only from truth does Morality flow; where there is no question of truth, neither is there good or evil, nor sin.

Souls are receptacles of Knowledge however full or empty; Knowledge is familiarity with God. The Synthesis of all truths is enlightenment and the attainment of heaven, the final cause and purpose of all our days. 

I am but the first Synthesist, no divinity.

Blessed are the curious. From wisdom all happiness flows; Ignorance causes pain, wherefore the sinner is miserable. Wonder and curiosity are Sacred.

The reduction of mystery by proof is the imperative of God.  Heed it and find heaven, else hell will be yours. Ignorance is natural but to be always opposed,  remedied, and resisted.  Error is to be undone with priority.  Avoid and fix mistakes of Truth.

The Saints are the Super-wise who share and teach their knowledge of God.

First Principles are the core of God.  Know them before all else and find God by and by.  Return to them and stay with God. Periodicity is everything.  Look deep within it and find God.  Empirical reality is intrinsically Spiritual. Empirical proof is next to didactic in holiness.

Laws, judgments, and their execution are proper only by and from duly constituted secular governments, never religious bodies or structures.

Imitation without investigation and acceptance without inquiry are sin.
Devotion to GOD has its manifestation in devotion to knowledge and the learning of Truth.

Allegory can be holy but myth is mystery and must be proved or rejected.
Only those who question God and Scripture thoroughly are holy.  Failure to question God is sin.

This is the only Scripture.  Add not, neglect nothing.

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